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How Much Does Sunflower Oil Cost?

Many individuals find it difficult to actually know How Much Does Sunflower Oil Cost especially if they are buying online. This has been a major concern for a long time now. So therefore, looking into this situation, we have put all the necessary measures and proper verifications. Before we move into How Much Does Sunflower Oil Cost, it is important to fist get some knowledge about the different types of Sunflower oil available and equally know the role they play in the life of the consumers. After knowing these things, we can therefore explain clearly about the different types of Sunflower oil and how sunflower oil price differ.

There basically 3 different types of sunflower oil and each of them differ from one another in their nutritional benefits they provide. Due to this the one which is like to give the most nutritional benefits is like to have the highest price in the market.

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What are the Different Types of Sunflower Oil

There are primarily 3 different types of Sunflower oil available. Being able to know the different types and what they can offer as far as life is concern will help to solve the problem of How Much Does Sunflower Oil Cost. The different types of Sunflower oil include;

  •  High oleic,
  • mid oleic and
  • linoleic sunflower oil.

Linoleic Sunflower Oil is a polyunsaturated oil that contains linoleic acid, which is one of the two essential fatty acids our bodies require from food. Also, Linoleic oil requires hydrogenation to be stable for frying. This kind of sunflower oil is used in margarine, shortening, and is also available as liquid salad oil.

Mid-Oleic Sunflower Oil is a beautiful combination of an oil that is stable without hydrogenation, but also has low saturated fat levels. This oil is the same kind that is used in Frito-Lay’s Sun Chips and other snack items with a healthier focus.

High Oleic Sunflower Oil is high in monounsaturated (oleic) acid. These sunflowers usually have a minimum of 80% oleic acid and are trans-fat free. This variety is more expensive, but offers long shelf stability without hydrogenation.

Differences Between the 3 type of Sunflower oil and sunflower oil price

One of the essential fatty acids in the human diet is the Linoleic acid which is only obtain from Linoleic sunflower oil. This type of sunflower oil contains about 70% polyunsaturated fat, and also has 20% monounsaturated fat. And the left over 10% to 11% is mainly saturated fat. The linoleic sunflower oil is recommended as the least healthy types of sunflower oil when compared to high Oleic sunflower oil which contains more healthy fats.

Furthermore, while the high Oleic sunflower is highly regarded to Linoleic sunflower oil, the Mid sunflower take the second position. The mid Oleic sunflower oil retains high enough levels of linoleic acid to remain an excellent dietary source.

High Oleic sunflower oil is radically different than linoleic in its makeup and consists primarily of monounsaturated fat at 80% of the total. Saturated fats and polyunsaturated fats make up the balance in equal proportions. 


From the above explanation we can therefore conclude that, High oleic sunflower oil is the most expensive sunflower oil with the second being mid oleic sunflower oil and the least of all is the Linoleic sunflower oil.

The prices of the different types of sunflower oil for sale online may differ in different places due to some other reasons. Because of this, there is no actual price for sunflower oil. So therefore, if you know How Much Does Sunflower Oil Cost actually then visit our online store to get the best quality sunflower oil at an affordable price.