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Refined Corn Oil

Commodity: Corn Oil
Type: Refined, Winterized, Deodorized, Bleached.
Origin: Europe
Standards: Conform to Turkish Standard TS 888, British Standard BS 684, European Norm CEN/TC 307, International Standard Organization ISO/TC 34/SC11, International Food Standards of United Nations, FAO Codex Alimentarius CODEX STAN 210-1999 Standard for Named Vegetable Oils or Standard of production country.
Quality: Fit for human consumption, free from foreign matter, any other oil or animal fats.
Color (51/4 Lovibond): Yellow 30, Red 3 maximum, light yellow, clear and transparent.
Odor: Neutral odor, without an artificial odor additive.
Visibility: Without any deposition and blurriness.
Taste: Neutral, without an artificial taste, free from rancidity or any strange or bad taste and smell.


Buy Refined Corn Oil

Refined corn oil is refined vegetable oil greatly used in cooking and particularly for deep frying. Corn oil has numerous other applications and is commonly used for industrial reasons or as an ingredient for cosmetics.

Healthy vegetable corn oil for cooking and frying is available for sale at our store. It is obtained from high-quality corn that goes through a complex process at the refinery to eliminate some chemicals. This refining process gives the oil many unique characteristics, though not all of them are beneficial.

Nutritional content of refined corn oil for sale

A tablespoon or 15 ml of refined corn oil contains no protein or carbs alongside the following;

  • Calories: 122
  • Fat: 14 grams
  • Vitamin E: 13% of the recommended Daily Value (DV)

During the extraction process of corn oil from corn, many vitamins and minerals are lost through the oil continues to have a fair amount of vitamin E. This vitamin is a fat-soluble nutrient that plays the role of an anti-inflammatory antioxidant in your body. It thus helps in neutralizing molecules called free radicals, which can raise the risk of conditions like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers.

Refined corn oil contains about 30–60% linoleic acid which is a type of polyunsaturated omega-6 fat. It is associated with the decrease of inflammation and promotion of better health when present in the body at a ratio of about 4:1 of omega-6 to omega-3. Since many people’s diets contain too many inflammatory omega-6 fats and not sufficient anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats, refined corn oil is a good supplement.

Uses of corn oil

Refined Corn Oil for sale

Refined corn oil has a variety of uses, both in cooking and non-cooking applications. To get the best of corn oil, you can buy it at wholesale prices at our store.

Even though it is most well known as a frying oil, it is also used in other ways. The substance is used as an industrial cleaner and lubricant. It is also used to make fuel for gasoline- and diesel-powered engines. Furthermore, it is found in many cosmetic products, liquid soaps, and shampoos.

Its high smoke point (the temperature at which oil begins to burn) makes it ideal for deep-frying foods to achieve perfect crispness without burning them. Corn oil is commonly available, so it is a popular choice for cooks at home. Though you can find this ingredient at most grocery stores, you can conveniently purchase it from our store and have it delivered to your doorstep.  Corn oil is often used for many different purposes in the kitchen. These include; frying and sautéing, salad dressings and marinades, and cake making.

Benefits of the oil

Corn oil is packed with plant-based cholesterol reducers, called phytosterols. These compounds have a similar structure to cholesterol found in animals and may help reduce your risk of heart disease.

Corn oil contains heart-healthy compounds, such as vitamin E, linoleic acid, and phytosterols, which could lower your risk of heart disease. A diet high in vitamin E may help to protect your heart and blood vessels from damage caused by free radicals.

Storage of corn oil

Refined corn oil is one of the rare vegetable oils with a very high content of omega-6 fatty acids. It equally contains many nutrients that are valuable for health. To preserve these nutrients and the quality of the oil, its recommended storage is in sealed containers kept in a dark corner.


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