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Refined Soybean Oil

Commodity: Soybean Oil
Type: Refined, Winterized, Deodorized, Bleached.
Origin: Europe
Standards: Conform to Turkish Standard TS 890, Ukrainian Standard DSTU 4534:2006, Russian Standard GOST 4534:2006, European Norm CEN/TC 307, International Standard Organization ISO/TC 34/SC11, International Food Standards of United Nations, FAO Codex Alimentarius CODEX STAN 210-1999 Standard for Named Vegetable Oils or Standard of production country.
Quality: Fit for human consumption, free from foreign matter, any other oil or animal fats.
Color (51/4 Lovibond): Yellow 15, Red 1 maximum, light yellow, clear and transparent.
Odor: Neutral odor, without an artificial odor additive.
Visibility: Without any deposition and blurriness.
Taste: Neutral, without an artificial taste, free from rancidity or any strange or bad taste and smell.
Shelf Life: 12 months, can be up to 24 months with addition.

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Refined soybean oil is a type of oil that is extracted from the seeds of the soybean plant. Soybean oil chemicals, called plant sterols, are used to lower blood cholesterol levels. Soybean oil is also used as Mosquito Repellant and as a dietary supplement in intravenous feedings. Buy at low prices from our store and experience the multiple benefits of refined soybean oil.

Uses of refined soybean oil

We provide refined soybean oil with best health benefits as discussed here. In some commercial mosquito repellant products, soybean oil is one of the major components. It seems to work about as well as some other mosquito repellents, including some products that contain about 4.7% DEET.

High cholesterol levels can be a sign of a health problem. If you have high cholesterol, you may need to see a doctor to check for other health issues and to discuss possible treatments. Soybean oil plant sterols seem to help reduce total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels, without affecting HDL cholesterol levels.

Nutritional content of the oil

Nutrition studies on refined soybean oil have proven that 100 grams contain;

  • Calories 70
  • Energy,(Kcal) 900
  • Protein & Carbohydrate (g) 0
  • Fat g 100
  • Total Trans Fat Content not more than 1% by weight
  • Total Saturated Fat Content not more than 15% by weight
  • Vitamin A (mcg) 750
  • Vitamin D (mcg) 5

Storage of soybean oil

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A 12-month study on the stability of freshly produced refined soybean oil showed that refined soybean oil is best stored in plastic containers. It revealed that when kept in dark areas, the oil is more hydrolytically and oxidatively stable than when stored in other containers in light conditions. The light was observed to increase the degree of oxidative rancidity of refined soybean oil, mostly in tin containers. This was followed by glass containers and the least was in plastic containers.

Health benefits of soybean oil

The use of vegetable oils in cooking is highly influenced by their smoke point which refers to the temperature at which the fat content begins breaking down. Vegetable Oil has a high smoke point compared to other cooking oils. Its fats begin to oxidize at 450°F (230°C) which is similar to the smoke point of refined rapeseed oil. This smoke point makes soybean oil a great choice for deep frying, high-heating cooking, sautéing, and baking.

Studies have shown that exchanging saturated fats for polyunsaturated fats (PUFs) may reduce the risks of having heart disease. PUFs are known to reduce bad cholesterol which is the main cause of heart disease. Thus, the high polyunsaturated fatty acid content of soybean oil makes it a healthy option for human consumption.

Soybean oil is rich in vitamin K which is known to facilitate blood clotting and play an important role in regulating bone metabolism. A single tablespoon or 15 mL daily intake of soybean oil provides 25 mcg of vitamin K which is above the recommended daily value. This is valuable for the synthesis of specific proteins that are essential for maintaining bone mass. In addition, a few studies suggest that the consumption of PUFs rich diets could help protect against age-related bone loss.



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